Group Photos

November 2018. Congratulations, Dr. Chen! Front row (left to right): Kirk, Daniel, Minh, Corey, Anh. Back row: Jason, Molly, Mac, Trong, Chen, Renan, Vaishnavi, Mona, Raymond, Kushal, Andrew.

October 2016. Downtown Champaign. Front row (left to right): Vaishnavi, Trong, Raymond, Teck Yian, Chen. Back row: Mac, Siying, Minh, Greg, Ben.

ADSC group, March 2014. In front of Fusionopolis, Singapore. From left to right: Viet Anh, Dongbo, Jiangbo, Johan, Wei Yong, Daniel, Nianjuan, Siying, and Minh.

December 2013. End of the year party. Standing from left to right: Minh, Tan and his wife, Matt and his friend, Steven, Pu, Yanwen, Joe, Trong, Greg and his friend, Huy. Sitting from left to right: Ben, Hershed, Siying.

August 2011. Group party after Hien's final defense. From left to right: Huy, Tan T., Trong, Ha (Huy's wife and their daughter), Minh, Hien, Chi (Ha's wife), Ha, Greg, Derin, Raman, Andre, and Tan N.

September 2009. At a corn festival. From left to right: Joshua, Betsy (Joshua's wife), Alex, Raman, Dan, Quang, Andre, Huy, and Minh.

May 2008. Group picnic at the Allerton Park. From left to right: Minh, Spencer, Hien, Alex, Cac and her daughter Ha, Ka Lung and his parents, Quang and his wife Nguyen, Vuong, and Thang (Cac's husband).

September 2007. Group picnic at the Kickapoo Park. From left to right: Spencer, Hien, Quang and his wife Nguyen, Alex, Cac and her daughter Ha, Matt, Minh, Ka Lung, Yue and his wife Wenfei.

September 2006. Group meeting in the Coordinated Science Laboratory. From left to right, front row: Ka Lung, Hien, Cac, Minh, Quang, Yue, and Chinh. Back row: Joe, Nick, Rob, Matt, Ha, and Arthur.

September 2004. In front of the Beckman Institute. From left to right: Chinh, Minh, Jianping, Arthur, Rob, Hien, Yue, and Ha.