Template for the function mfcc.m

function c = mfcc(s, fs)
% MFCC Calculate the mel frequencey cepstrum coefficients (MFCC) of a signal
% Inputs:
%       s       : speech signal
%       fs      : sample rate in Hz
% Outputs:
%       c       : MFCC output, each column contains the MFCC's for one speech frame


The mel-frequency cepstrum coefficients is defined as the result of the DCT on the log of mel-spectrum.  In addtion we often exclude the zero-order cepstral coefficients.  So the end part of the mfcc program would looks like:
% All previous steps...
% Obtain the mel-spectrum in the variable: ms

% Last step, compute mel-frequency cepstrum coefficients
c = dct(log(ms));
c(1,:) = [];    % exclude 0'th order cepstral coefficient